Paving Contractor MN

Need a reliable Paving Contractor?  Tired of having trouble with your cracked driveway or need a new driveway to sustain these hard Minnesota winters? We can help you with that!  With  Muellner Blacktop, We understand your needs and wants!  Make this your one and only stop to your perfect driveway.

Commercial Property?  You can rely on Us to provide the best service at the best prices!   We has been serving the twin cities surrounding areas for over 55 years.  With our knowledge and experience, Muellner Blacktop will give you nothing but the best!

Questions to ask before replacing your Asphalt driveway

  • Does my sub-base need to be replaced?

Replacing your existing sub-base all depends on the quality and condition.  Most cases the existing sub-base needs to be completely dug out and replaced with new sub-base to ensure a strong and solid base before the asphalt can be laid over the top.

  • What happens to my existing driveway?

Skin loader’s or Track Loader’s would be used to remove the existing driveway where it can be transported to a recycling center.

  • Is putting a new layer or asphalt over the existing one a bad idea?

In some cases it would be a bad idea to overlay on an existing asphalt with the chance of cracks or broken asphalt to reappear through a new layer.

  • How long does it take?

Depending on the size of the area that needs to be paved it could take anywhere from a week up to a month.  Size of driveway, condition of sub-grade, condition of sub-base, Weather and location will determine the length of the job.

  • What is my guarantee?

Our guarantee is on our About Us page!

  • When can I use my driveway?

Usually it takes anywhere from 3-6 Months for a driveway to be fully cured.  It is highly recommended that you should keep any vehicles off the asphalt for at least 1-2 weeks depending on the weather.  Hot temperatures keeps it soft and pliable longer than cold weather, where it tends to harden faster.

Why Choose us?

Choosing the right paving contractor is essential the getting the best finished product.   We will you give you nothing less of that.  The knowledge and skills that the Asphalt Driveway MN Our crew has will make sure they give you an honest opinion, the best prices and the best services that they can offer.  We  believes that having a close relationship with there clients is needed to really give them the best product that we can offer.